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This PRIVATE PARK is for the benefit of residents of The River Bend Estates HOA, Meadows HOA, and Blackwood Farms HOA who are paid current on the HOA Membership. It is operated by The River Bend Estates HOA /The Meadows / Blackwood Farms – Joint Park Operating Committee.

34 acre park with a 3/4 mile paved jogging & walking trail, picnic area, softball & soccer fields, and parking lot.


This property is owned by the Oklahoma City Airport Trust Authority and is leased to The River Bend Estates HOA for the exclusive use of its residents along with The Meadows HOA residents, and residents of Blackwood Farms HOA.

Under the lease agreement THIS IS A PRIVATE PARK – NO TRESPASSING!

The park is restricted to use by the three associations named above. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Guests must be accompanied by a Homeowner.

  1. Activities are restricted to daylight hours: Sunrise to Sunset.
  2. NO fireworks, firearms, glass containers, alcoholic beverages, drugs, profanity, motorized vehicles, or abusive activities of any kind.
  3. To reserve park facilities including the athletic fields – call Lynn Ahpeatone at (405) 456-9030 and leave her a message with contact information (phone, email, etc.) ( For Homeowner and/or their family members & teams).  Also, please complete this Park Reservation Form and email it to [email protected]